Welcome to the official SCARVE website! Some of the site's graphics are still being worked on. New album "The Undercurrent" is out now in Listenable Records!
It’s taken a while, but finally we’re back on the world wide track with this shiny new webpage courtesy of Dan McCaulley (thanks for your excellent work man!)

First off, in regards to the recent news about Pierrick’s departure, I’d like to reassure our fans: SCARVE is still alive and a stronger creative force than ever! We will actively pursue promoting The Undercurrent, and our upcoming shows at France’s Hellfest and Belgium’s Graspop festivals are maintained. A new vocalist will be announced soon. This is a rebirth for SCARVE!!!

Concerning The Undercurrent, the album has been doing great! We’ve received lots of kick ass reviews already; watch for a bunch of links to be posted here very soon. For our overseas fans, a Stateside release is set for late June and the album will also see light of day in Japan. You can still order the limited digipack version (including one bonus track) online from Listenable Records.

Please bear with us while we complete the rest of this site. Meanwhile, check out our official MySpace page to listen to some feverishly blasting tracks, and make sure to come and headbang with us on stage!!!